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Since the beginning, it has been our intention to personalize your real estate journey.  Economies cycle and markets fluctuate but throughout it all there remains one constant–the need for each individual to occupy their own unique space on planet Earth.  The search for that space can be a daunting task for even the most real estate savvy among us.  So our staff is here to take that journey with you.  They will help you buy or help you sell by guiding you through the process with accurate information and the documentation that the state of Pennsylvania’s rules and regulations require.

Our staff will make you feel at ease throughout the process.  Yes, they will return your calls, text and emails helping find answers to your questions. Our agents will be courteous and they will work for you.

Our company has established stability and longevity.  We have second-generation agents in the business.  We have agents that are “born and bred locals” and “nearly locals” with ancestral roots which preceded the existence of Lake Wallenpaupack.  We have agents which moved from metro areas because of an appreciation for the area’s natural resources.  We have agents with multiple professional skills.

We have an office located at the Gateway to Lake Wallenpaupack at the junction of Routes 6 and 507.  Our office overlooks Lake Wallenpaupack with extensive parking and easy access.  Our site has log home models and insurance services to protect your home, your auto, and your boat.

Of course, we have the usual: MLS, internet exposure, websites, print advertising, cell phone accessibility, PAR, NAR, the Pike Wayne Board, and designations.  But most importantly, we have the agents with the skill to blend all the best of technology with a large scoop of personal dedication to provide you with exceptional service and your key to the world of real estate as we know it at Lake Wallenpaupack

Margaret Smith, REALTOR®
Broker Of Record
WallenPaupack Realty

Phone: +1 (570) 226-6300

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