5 ways to get Your Offer Accepted When Looking At Homes For Sale in Hawley, PA

Top 5 ways to get an offer accepted on homes for sale in Hawley, PA

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest headlines, you know that the United States’ real estate market is more competitive than ever. With COVID-19 home buyers looking to restart, revive their social lives, and relocate to new and exciting places, the low inventory of homes for sale and an unprecedented number of buyers nationwide have made for a fiercely competitive seller’s market. If you’re looking for homes for sale in Hawley, PA these tips can help you stand out from the crowd and get your offer accepted.


Write a personal letter to the seller

In a multiple-offer situation, a clever and effective way to stand out from the competition is to pull on the heartstrings of your seller. Let’s say you grew up on the same street you’re interested in purchasing on now: Sending a personal letter to the homeowner explaining that you’ve always wanted to start a family and raise your own children in the same place where you built so many memories can really persuade a seller. Perhaps the seller is a fellow veteran, front-line worker, or single parent like you. Think of ways you can relate to them on a personal level and use it to your advantage. Simply write or type a letter (handwritten is recommended) and pass it to your real estate agent who can pass it on to the seller’s agent on your behalf.   

Cover the closing costs

In a buyer’s market, when housing supply is high and demand is low, oftentimes the seller will agree to cover closing costs to sweeten the deal and attract more buyers. But these days, with so few homes for sale in Hawley, PA, and throughout the country, sellers have the advantage – and they’re looking for buyers to sweeten the deal. One great way to do that is by offering to cover closing costs, including things like attorney’s fees, appraisals, home inspections, and various fees. Ask your Realtor for more information about the expected amount of these costs, which will vary based on the home you want to purchase.

Make a full-price offer

These days, buyers are desperate to get the house of their dreams … and they’re willing to pay for it. Not only are they offering the full listing price and closing costs, but many are offering above the asking price and entering bidding wars with fellow buyers. If you want to get in the game and ensure a shot at getting your dream home, starting with a full-price offer is highly recommended. Remember, these are unprecedented times. Interest rates are low, but prices continue to rise – so offering full ask is almost required on homes for sale in Hawley, PA.

Pay in cash

This one’s a luxury for sure, but if you can afford to pay for a home in cash, now is the time to do so. A cash offer ensures that the seller won’t have to assume any risk in the case of contingencies like you having to sell your house before you can buy theirs or an underwriter not approving you for a loan. The benefits of a cash offer to your seller include:

  •       Eliminating the risk of buyer financing fall-through
  •       Greatly speeding up the closing process is usually faster
  •       No loan means no mandated appraisal
  •       Avoiding contingencies

In short, a full-cash offer means you’re offering sellers a quick closing with far less paperwork, and who wouldn’t want that?!

Or … opt for a conventional loan

Conventional loans, which are mortgage loans that are not backed or insured by the government but instead guaranteed by private lenders, can make your offer much more appealing to a prospective seller. According to usmortgagecalculator.org, “Conventional mortgages aren’t for everybody, but if you’ve got an excellent credit score, little debt, and some assets or savings, they can offer a number of advantages to home buyers.”

How? As compared to more complex loans like VA or FHA loans, conventional loans are far less complex to navigate and prepare – so the underwriting and closing processes typically go much faster and more smoothly than with their counterparts. Again, less risk and complexity to the seller means a much more competitive offer.

 While buying a house in today’s real estate market may seem daunting, these simple tips can help you stand out from the crowd and get you on the way to homeownership. If you’re ready to start looking at homes for sale in Hawley, PA, contact us today!

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